I like to throw my name in as a candidate for board of openSUSE. For
the past two years I have been helping out as Ambassador, but I have
been a SUSE user since 5.3. I love my work with openSUSE, and I want
to do more. I think my experince as System Administrator, End User,
Mentor, and Ambassador, plus years of experience would be a big plus
to board and to the community.

I started out with Linux in 96′ as an end, tried of Mac OS, and
fearing that it would died. This was before the return of Steve Jobs.
Start with Slackware 96 then move to Red Hat and Turbo Linux, then
moving to S.u.S.E and never leaving it.

I have worked in the IT field as System Administrator since 98. My
first job, I was able to get S.u.S.E 6.2 in to replace Red Hat 6.0.
Personally I have used it since 5.3 as server. It was until openSUSE
10.2 that I started using as a Desktop replacement at work for daily
to daily, replacing Windows XP and Macintosh OS X OS’es. I can be
honest, I still use Mac OS for some desktop publishing, but I use my
openSUSE desktop for the other 90%.

When the call came for people to become Ambassador back in 2008, I
jumped at the chance to give back to openSUSE in return for everything
it has giving to me. I have been to three linux fest. Give a couple of
number of talks to local user group. I have even wrote for a Polish
Linux this summer called Linux Identity. I have even done a video for
the OSC, which was the best but did put some faces to aliases. I am
working on other projects that once are done I will show the

The other thing I am doing currently for openSUSE is I help with the
Facebook page. Trying to post links and events. And I have even set up
a twitter account for the openSUSE Ambassador that I hope in the
furture and help get out their great work to community and others.

I am currently rebuilding the Georgia openSUSE User Group. I am active
in ALE.  And love to go to Linux Fest and help spread the word about
openSUSE and open source software to the masses.

My daily-to-daily life, I am System Administrator for a start company
called Vocalocity that does a lot with SIP/Telecommunications in their
NOC team. Before that I worked at Travel Channel Media.  I am married.
I am very much international. I know that a lot of people don’ t think
that of American. But I have lived in Japan for three and half years
and taught English Communications. My wife is Turkish. I do travel
from here to there no as much as I would like. I have a six year son
that know I love Linux and every time he see a penguin points out
that, “There that software you work with Daddy”. I also have a black
cat that loves to sit in my lap while I am computer working.  I am a
bit old I think than most, I am 43 but with that I bring a lot of
experience to the table, one not being a developer, but as a end user,
a system administrator. Which covers both every day-to-day users and


Chuck “PUP” Payne

a.k.a terrorpup/lupinstein