Level: Beginner
Needed: WINE  or Playonlinux already installed.

If you are like me, Pandora music selection is get tired very quick. I can only take listening to the same song over and over.  So welcome Spotify.  They have a great selection of music. You can play that one song that been stuck in your head or listen to that album you haven’t heard since you were in college.

One problem, they have an app that only works iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. They have an beta app for Linux ( Ubuntu ).  So what a Geeko to do. Use WINE.

WINE is a great way to run some windows apps on Linux.

First thing to do is to download Spotify for Windows and save the exe.


So there are two ways to install Spotify on openSUSE computer.

Wine Way

#wine SpotifySetup.exe


Launch playonlinux. When the gui come up, press “+ Install”



When install menu comes up, press the “Media” icon. From the list click on the Spotify icon and then Install.


Playonlinux will then install and download the files that are needed to run spofity.


Once it is done all that is needed to be done is to click on the spofify to launch it.


Log in


And enjoy some great music.


One thing to note. Most people use Playonlinux to for games. It works for a lot of other apps. If you need to run MS Office it great to install it and compare to Crossover, it free. –Pup