So a couple of weeks ago, I took my son to a vintage computer show. It was very cool to see all the computers that I grew up with; Vic20, Atari130XE, Apple 2E, and much much more.

As we were going thru the exbition, we came up to a table were a guy had four 486 PC running. We Stop to take look. I was thinking at first these computer were out of place, but it then I notice they were all playing Doom. When I asked the guy, he told me that he was running DOS 6.1 on them with token card and running IPX. He wanted them to be as much of the time period has he could.

We sat down and started to explain to my son what a LAN Party was, how people would bring over there computer, hook them up to play games. I played about three  games and got up so other kids could sit down and play. Plus, I forgot how sick I got from playing DOOM, something about the pixels block.

On the way home, my son asked about DOOM, if I had a copy and could it play it.

I have a copy of Ultimate DOOM 95, which is for Windows 95. But Under wine it doesn’t play. I get a window about the size of stamp that is black in white.  I remember about Doomsday Engine.

Installing and setting up Doomsday on openSUSE 12.3

So first thing to to add the repository: openSUSE BuildService — Games


Now Search and install.


Once it is install, you need to load the wads. Unlike the Windows and Mac version, the openSUSE version looks for the was the following place


There under the directory you will will the following directories

jdoom #This were Doom,Doom2 and any other doom related wad will go
jdoom #This is where Doom64 goes.
jherectic #This where the Heretic wads goes.
jhexen #This is where the Hexen Wads goes.

You will need to use sudo to move the wads into to those directories.

Once wads are place into the correct directory. To start doomsday seem at any console type

# doomsday

Well the window come up, you will see the main menu.


To start a game type


If there is an “!” in front of the game, means that doomsday didn’t find the wad for that game.


Doomsday Engine gives new life to old games. The 3D rendering make it fun to play these classic again.