I know since the elections it’s been very quite here.  I been on the openSUSE Wave that’s calming down a bit, which is sad, because it been a wonderful ride. It fact lately I feel I am on the downward ebb of Karma.

The wave started getting ready for Hackfest/SCALE which took place in L.A. I got to work with a great group of people. Very long hard days, but we made a very big splash at SCALE. Where I got to do a bit of training openSUSE Day, and thanks to Alan Clark, got to help give a talk at SCALE.

Coming back from that week, I got sick but couldn’t slow down because of the release of openSUSE 11.4 and working on a Poster, I assume for Linux Magazine in UK. Both were very import. The poster looks great because of Carlos awesome background and the release when great.

During this whole time, I in my mind, my blog keep calling to me, like that Beatles song — “While My Guitar Gentle Weeps.”

I have some critics that been saying, that “He only posted because he ran for the board”. Which is not true. During the pass couple of weeks I try to start writing some blogs, but because so much was going on, I couldn’t start them. I only have titles. Plus, I try to balance family, work and openSUSE. If you don’t know me, you will know that my family is very important to me. But with that said, so the work I do on openSUSE. I do try to do a lot.

I have a lot of stuff I want to work on for openSUSE, so I promise to try to write something at least once one a week. I really want to improve on the one area that has been a fight my whole life because of being dyslexic. That is my writing. I really want to get more stuff publish.

So I will start back up the Sysadmin blogs for openSUSE.

I am also going to write a few stories on how for end users on how to move from windows and mac to Linux. (Course using openSUSE for the bases). I know a lot of people say this isn’t the year of the desktop, but you know I think it. I been on openSUSE as my desktop for the pass three years and I can say that with openSUSE 11.4 it so much easier to use.

Plus, there is a new area I want to developed for openSUSE that is training. I think that if we can teach users how easy openSUSE is, that we can bring more users to openSUSE. So I want to work on guide lines on how to teach, so that others can.

As I finish this, I am listening to my soul and I don’t hear that Beatles playing, instead I do hear Fatboy Slim –Right Here, Right Now The Rockafeller. With the words of “Right Here, Right Now…” Echoing over and over.