In the years that I have used openSUSE and Linux in general, I have loved reading  people’s  Perfect Desktop. I been taking clips from site for all over the net.

So with the release of openSUSE 12.3. I am release my alpha script for the “Ultimate Desktop” set up. So going forward all I need to do download the latest version and then run this script.

I created this so that it helps set up software and make set up your desktop fast so that you can use it and have fun.

The first part is from openSUSE Community… it adds two repos, and add basic stuff to play back media files.

I then break out the script into the following

  • Music/MP3 Players
  • Media Players
  • Binary Codes (  From the MPlayer website)
  • VLC
  • Microsoft Fonts
  • Additional Software
    • Pinta, Gimp, Thunderbird, marble, flash-plugin, filezilla, pidgin,gwibber
    • gnucash, banshee, k3b, audacity, dvdrip, mjpegtools, lame, dkms, eclipse,  java, transmission, azureus, and more
  • Winff
  • Kompozer
  • Wine and Playonlinux
  • Nightingale ( Great player like iTunes)

I will add Google Earth and Adobe reader later.

Here the first script. Again USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! If you see anything I can improve on, please  send me an email….

Subject:   Ultimate openSUSE Desktop

terrorpup at

====================Start Script==================================

# This is a way to help set up a great desktop
# this is alpha. Use at your own risk!!!!
# .001

BASEARCH=$(uname -i)

echo “Terror PUP’s Ultimate openSUSE Setup”

echo “Repo to make sure you have the best apps”
zypper addrepo -r http:///suse/12.3/packman.repo
zypper addrepo -r

echo “Install Base Media”

zypper install -y libxine2-codecs k3b-codecs ffmpeg lame gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad \
gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ugly gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ugly-orig-addon \
gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ffmpeg libdvdcss2

echo “Installing Music/MP3 players”

zypper install -y xmms xmms-mp3 xmms-faad2 xmms-flac xmms-pulse \
xmms-skins xmms2 audacious audacious-plugins-freeworld* rhythmbox \
gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-ffmpeg \
gstreamer-plugins-bad-nonfree amarok xine-lib-extras-freeworld


echo “Installing Media Player”

zypper install -y mplayer mplayer-gui gecko-mediaplayer mencoder \
xine xine-lib-extras xine-lib-extras-freeworl \
banshee gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-ffmpeg


echo “Installing Binary Codecs”

mkdir -p /usr/lib/codecs
tar -jxvf all-20110131.tar.bz2 –strip-components 1 -C /usr/lib/codecs/


echo “Installing VLC”
zypper install -y vlc


echo “Install Microsoft Fonts”
rpm -ivh msttcore-fonts-2.0-3.noarch.rpmfusion


echo “Installing Addational Software”

zypper install pinta gimp thunderbird marble flash-plugin filezilla \
pidgin gwibber libreoffice gnucash scribus banshee k3b audacity dvdrip \
mjpegtools lame dkms eclipse java kolourpaint mypaint transmission \
azureus google-earth-stable okular amarok mplayer smplayer gtkpod \
clementine exaile xine-ui xine-plugin soundconverter bluefish


echo “Installing Winff”
if [ $BASEARCH = "x84_64" ]; then
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh


echo “Installing Kompozer”
if [ $BASEARCH = "x84_64" ]; then
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh


echo “Installing wine and Play on linux”

zypper install wine
wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/playonlinux.repo
zypper update
zypper install playonlinux


echo “Installing Deluge a better bittoren”

zypper install deluge


echo “Installing Nightingale”
cd /tmp
mkdir -p /usr/local/nightingale
tar -jxvf Nightingale_1.11.0-2223_linux_x86_64.tar.bz2 –strip-components 1 -C /usr/local/nightingale
ln -s /usr/local/nightingale/nightingale  /usr/bin/nightingale

echo “Enjoy, you know have the Ultimate openSUSE Desktop”

exit 0

====================Stop Script==================================