Everyone who has used rpm,  know the following command

rpm -ivh package.rpm

This is good until you hit dependencies hell…

The best way to install rpm on openSUSE is to use YaST.

YaST ( Yet another Setup Tool) helps find dependencies and install them.  Try the following with Google Earth. Download the Google Earth. Then run the following the following command.

yast -i google-earth-stable_current_i386.rpm

YaST will check the rpm for dependencies. Once it finds what is needed, it will show the dependencies needed to be install along with the rpm.

All that is need to be done is to press “Accept”, Then “OK” install the rpm and it dependencies.


Once YaST is done, it will show an “Installation Summary”, just press “Finish”.  The safe and simple way to install an rpm.


Now the rpm is installed and working without any issues.