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Editing Ampache User preferences

Preference Value
Ajax page load
Clear democratic votes of expired user sessions
Enable url rewriting
Forces Http play regardless of port
Lock Songs
Playlist Method
Playlist Type
Receive notifications by email (shouts, private messages, ...)
Show donate button in footer
Type of Playback
7digital consumer key
7digital secret
Amazon Access Key ID
Amazon associate tag
Amazon base url
Amazon max results pages
Amazon Secret Access Key
DAAP backend password
Use DAAP backend
Use Plex backend
Use SubSonic backend
Use UPnP backend
Use WebDAV backend
Bit.ly api key
Bit.ly username
Check library item at import time and don't import duplicates
Catalog favorites grid view display
Catalog favorites max items
Custom blank album default image
Custom blank video default image
Custom favicon url
Custom login page logo url
Custom logo url
Custom text footer
Website Title
Discogs consumer key
Discogs secret
Allow Democratic Play
Allow Downloads
Allow geolocation
Allow Share
Allow Streaming
Allow video features
Flattr User ID
Flickr api key
Friends timeline max items
Google Analytics Tracking ID
GoogleMaps api key
Headphones api key
Headphones url
Now playing filtered per user
Show Albums of the moment at home page
Show Now Playing at home page
Show Recently Played at home page
Show Videos of the moment at home page
Album - Group multiple disks
Album - Group per release type
Album - Group per release type Sort
Album Default Sort
Alphabet browsing by default for following library items (album,artist,...)
Library item context menu
Show # played
Show filter box on browse
Libre.FM Grant URL Click to grant Librefm access to Ampache
Libre.FM Grant URL Click to grant Librefm access to Ampache
Allow Localplay Play
Localplay Access
Localplay Type
Disable custom metadata fields (ctrl / shift click to select multiple)
Disable custom metadata fields. Insert them in a comma separated list. They will add to the fields selected above.
WebPlayer browser notifications
WebPlayer browser notifications timeout (seconds)
Paypal Currency Code
Paypal ID
Piwik Site ID
Piwik URL
Artist slideshow inactivity time
Authorize Flash Web Player(s)
Authorize HTML5 Web Player(s)
Authorize JavaScript decoder (Aurora.js) in Web Player(s)
Auto-pause betweens tabs
Broadcast web player by default
Confirmation when closing current playing window
Limit direct play to maximum media count
Show current song in Web player page title
Show Lyrics
Podcast: # episodes to download when new episodes are available
Podcast: # latest episodes to keep
Personal information visibility - Now playing
Personal information visibility - Recently played
Personal information visibility - Recently played - Allow to show streaming agent
Personal information visibility - Recently played - Allow to show streaming date/time
Limit number of future events
Limit number of past events
Offset Limit
Popular Threshold
Statistics Day Threshold
RSS Feed max items
RSS Feed url
Share links default expiration days (0=never)
Shoutbox on homepage max items
Stream control bandwidth history (days)
Stream control maximal bandwidth (Mo)
Stream control hits history (days)
Stream control maximal hits
Stream control maximal time (Minutes)
Stream control time history (days)
TheAudioDb api key
Fix header position on compatible themes
Light sidebar by default
Theme color
Top menu
Tmdb api key
Rate Limit
Transcode Bitrate
Tvdb api key
Check for Ampache updates automatically
Allow users to upload media
Rename uploaded file according to catalog pattern
Upload: allow users to edit uploaded songs
Upload: allow users to remove uploaded songs
Upload: consider the user sender as the track's artist
Upload: create a subdirectory per user (recommended)
Upload: run the following script after upload (current directory = upload target directory)
Uploads catalog destination
YOURLS api key
YOURLS domain name